Cloud computing + backup


Ensure business continuity no matter what happens

Accidents happen, events occur that can sometimes be beyond our control, which is why it’s vital for businesses to use Cloud computing and run regular back-ups. Saving your important documents to the Cloud, allows you to keep everything you need to keep your business running on an online server instead of using a physical server in your building. The benefits of this are overwhelming.

Access your documents from anywhere

An unforeseen circumstance, school closure, transport disruption, can sometimes mean you or your team can’t physically attend the office. Using Cloud based computing and storage, allows you and your team members to access all their files from anywhere with a secure internet connection. This is also a huge benefit if you have team members who regularly work on the road or travel to client meetings, they can have everything they need at their fingertips.

Protection against physical and viral catastrophes

While your business is undoubtedly insured against floods, fires and any other catastrophes that may arise, are your files and documents? Storing your important documents on the Cloud, keeps them safe should the worst happen and means your business can quickly get back up and running again.

SOS Technical Solutions’ back-up system also gives you the peace of mind that, should the worst happen, nothing will be lost.

If you’re concerned that your data may be at risk or are considering increasing your team’s remote working capabilities, drop us a line.

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