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Automated systems within our homes are now becoming increasingly commonplace. Homes now contain appliances such as TVs, heating and lighting systems, security and camera systems, and even appliances such as fridges, that you can control, using your phone or other device, both inside and outside. For example, it is possible to turn your lights and heating on using an app on your phone, ensuring that you return home to a warm and well-lit home.

There are lots of different types of system available such as Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Nest, which may work with some appliances, but not others.

Smart Tech Experts

SOS Technical Solutions are experts in installing and connecting smart technology to homes, renovations, and new builds. We audit your space, listen to your needs, budget, and what tech you would like in the future, and provide impartial advice on products.

Our full installation service also gives you the peace of mind that someone who is experienced in smart technology has installed your products and talked you through how to use them effectively.

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