Smart Tech

Smart Home

What does it mean?

Smart tech provides a home, office or other building with advanced, automated systems that give users control over the functions in that space. For example, a smart home might have appliances such as TVs, computers, security and camera systems, and services, such as lighting and heating, that can communicate with each other. And they can all be monitored and controlled by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone, from inside or outside the house.

Systems like Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Nest will work with certain appliances but not others. And there are other issues such as data sharing and privacy that you should consider.

What do I need?

It depends on the level and number of activities you want to control and how much you want to spend. And it also depends on whether you are making gradual changes to an existing building or starting from scratch with a new or remodelled one. So you can start by connecting just one or two suitable appliances and adding more as you go, or you can go full-on Futurama and have everything that smart tech can currently provide (the robots aren’t quite there yet.)

We can audit your space to check which systems would be best for you now, taking on board your needs, budget and future plans for smart living. And we’ll give you expert advice on purchase and installation.

Setup and use

We offer a full installation service; we’ll also fully check your new system and show you how to get the most from it.

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