Virus removal

Virus Removal

The information contained on our computers can sometimes be the most valuable thing in our homes. Passwords, account details, and addresses, when in the wrong hands, can lead to fraudulent transactions and, in some cases, identity theft. That’s why it’s vital that the minute you believe your computer has become infected with a virus, you get an expert to check it.

Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly clever at infecting machines and stealing important information, from setting up innocuous looking websites to sending legitimate looking emails with downloads, they will do what they can to access your information.

Warning signs

If your computer starts running slower than normal or you suddenly notice that you are receiving lots of pop-ups, it’s likely that your computer has been infected with a virus. You may even receive a message telling you that it’s been infected.

For a fixed fee SOS Technical Solutions can remove all viruses and threats, no matter how stubborn they are. As a part of our service, we also check the security levels of your device and make any necessary changes to protect the privacy of your data.

We always recommend regular servicing and computer health checks to make sure that your device is running properly and free from infections.

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